About CivitasA Leading Energy Producer
in the DJ and Permian Basins

How Civitas Came to Be

Operational expertise, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and shared community values reach new levels at Civitas, a company born by bringing together decades of operational experience in the DJ Basin. Civitas is the first carbon-neutral oil and gas producer in Colorado.

With a premier management team focused on innovation and our commitment to long-term sustainability, Civitas saw an opportunity to diversify, scale, and extend its business model through acquiring premium positions in the Permian Basin through the acquisition of assets in the Midland and Delaware basins of west Texas and New Mexico. Civitas is committed to delivering value for our shareholders, local economies, our neighbors, and the energy industry for decades to come.

Guided by our values

Civitas is Latin for “community” and this defines our steadfast commitment to our stakeholders. Collectively, our values form the compass that guides our ethical business practices and overall long-term sustainability. At every level of our organization, our five core values influence the work we do each day.


It is our responsibility to implement and follow aggressive sustainability protocols that protect our air, water, land, wildlife and all our communities.


At Civitas, we value safety above all else. An unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our employees and our communities is at the core of everything we do.


By valuing innovation, Civitas continually seeks and implements state-of-the-art practices for the safest, most sustainable, and most efficient operations.


Operating with integrity at every level of our organization builds trust and positions us as a partner of choice.

Community Focused

We believe in the value of listening to diverse voices, finding solutions, and working closely with our stakeholders to ensure all of our neighboring communities continue to thrive.

Our Culture

Civitas is proud to lead the way in the energy transition to a clean and sustainable energy future, and we’re proud to have become the first carbon neutral energy producer in Colorado. We are a team of proactive, collaborative problem solvers committed to advancing technologies and lasting sustainability everywhere we operate. Our culture of innovation ensures we will be a long-term provider of reliable, affordable energy.

Focused on ESG

Our strong commitment to setting the highest standards in our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices is reflected in part in our position as Colorado’s first carbon neutral energy operator. And it’s just the beginning. With our acquired assets in the Permian, Civitas will continue to prove our industry can supply the energy the world needs in a reliable, low carbon way by committing to achieving carbon neutrality on new assets by the end of 2024.